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Become a "Real Life" Leadership Coach
Greater Influence as a Leader, in 3 Minutes or Less

Leadership is defined as our ability to lead ourselves well and make good choices. As we do that, we set the standard others will follow as we lead them by our example.  We're all leading someone, even if the only person we are leading is ourselves.  The better we are at making good leadership choices, the better outcomes we experience in every area of our lives.  

But there's a problem.

Until you understand how you're "wired" to lead yourself and others, you're going to be ineffective as a leader.  And if you don't understand how those you're leading need to be led to become leaders in their own right, you're going to be limited in your ability to lead them well.  If leadership is influence, understanding the "leadership attitude" of those who are following you is crucial to you being a more effective, successful leader.
Understanding "Real Life" Leadership
What We've Learned About Leadership & Influence

Not everyone is wired to lead themselves (or others) well, but everyone can learn to lead at some level.  If you want to live an influential life, where you're making a difference, you have to learn to lead first yourself and then others.  Yet people conflate management ability with leadership, and they're not the same.

Management is about processes; leadership is about people. It starts with learning how to lead yourself well and make good choices. This is how you model leadership.  Leadership is influence, and learning your own "Leadership Attitude" as well as that of those you're leading can empower you to be a more effective, more productive, more influential leader.

Using our Assessment tool, you can know the "Leadership Attitude" of yourself or those you're leading t in 3 minutes or less.  You'll learn:

  • Your Unique Leadership Style
  • How You Score in 15 Key Leadership Areas
  • Where You Best Lead & Get Results
  • Where You're Ineffective as a Leader
Where You Lead Well, in 3 Minutes or Less
With this information, you can speak their "Leader Language" and teach them to recognize and speak the leadership language of those they are leading.  This is how you create high-performance, non-leader-dependent teams who are highly productive and successful.   

As you take them around the Leadership Gameboard, you'll help them understand their leadership strengths, as well as their areas of leadership weakness, allowing them to understand where they lead well and where they don't so they can best serve those they are leading to achieve desired outcomes.  

And you're also providing them with Leadership Coaching, helping them better learn to lead themselves, grow themselves as a leader, and learn to more effectively develop the leaders around them.

It's what sets YOU apart from your competition, uniquely positioning you as an authority figure, a leadership & influence expert, who can help them reach their full leadership potential.
30+ Years of Clinical Research
We are pioneers in the field of Attitudinal Psychographics and Behavioral Intelligence. Over the past 30+ years, we've collected survey information on more than 1 million people, uncovering their areas of giftedness, competency, and stress.

We've learned how to read the internal "hardwiring" of the human brain, and how that influences an individual's attitude, beliefs, and choices.

And, we've also learned how leadership is essential to personal and professional success.  And, we've learned a lot about leading through stress, and difficult circumstances, and still leading well.

Armed with this information, our certified coaches can help their clients lead themselves better, and learn to have greater influence as a leader as a result of modeling good leadership before others.  

How valuable is that for an individual, a family, or an organization?

Give Your Clients More "Real Life" Success
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RLM does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity, religion, creed, or nationality.  
About Real Life Management
Real Lie Management is a human intelligence coaching, training, and consulting firm, with a primary focus on behavioral psychometrics and their impact on how humans think, process, and prioritize information, and how this alters under stress and distress. RLM's secondary focus is on identifying an individual's unique learning and communication style, as well as their propensity to engage in decision-making that doesn't serve them well in stressful or emotionally charged situations. Their tertiary focus is on performance enhancement and stress management.   
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