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Thinner Waistlines, Fatter Wallets, and
Better Relationships, in 3 Minutes or Less
Become a Health & Wellness Coach
A Thinner Waistline, in 3 Minutes or Less

According to the CDC, Two-thirds of Americans are obese.  We have become the "fattest, most health-conscious" nation on earth.  Food serving sides have increased, and with that our waistlines. America's sugar addiction has led to a staggering increase in obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.  We're living sedentary lives, which is also adding to our health woes.  

When we're unhealthy, we can't perform at our peak potential at home and in the workplace.  Add stress to that, and it only fuels bad lifestyle choices that simply compound our health and wellness woes.
The Secret to a Thinner Waistline
What We've Learned About Health & Wellness

Depending on our hardwiring, supported by our beliefs, we may struggle to make good health and wellness choices.  Why?  Food is a "drug of choice" that comforts us when we're stressed.  It makes us feel good for the moment, but leaves us wanting more.  Soon, our pants don't fit, our blood pressure starts to rise, and we're seeing the doctor more often due to lifestyle-induced health issues.  

When we don't make good lifestyle choices, our health and wellness suffers.  Obesity has become an epidemic in America, and today people celebrate it as a "good thing" while ignoring the long-term health ramifications.  As a result, we've become a sicker nation, spending millions each year on diets that don't work rather than getting to the root of the problem, our Attitude toward health & wellness.
A Thinner Waistline, in 3 Minutes or Less
What if your clients can discover the triggers that sabotage their health, leading them down a self-destructive path that continually adds pounds to their body while subtracting qualty years of their lives...and more importantly WHY this happens over and over again?  Would that be of value to your clients?   

As you take them around the Health & Wellness Gameboard, they will realize there is a simple, but effective process by which they can take control of their health, improve their overall wellness, and enjoy a better quality of life with more energy and less stress.  It's a non-threatening, "outcomes-focused" approach to engaging in successful lifestyle planning, helping them take control of their health and their future success.

Using our Assessment tool, you can know the "Health & Wellness Attitude" of a client or prospect in 3 minutes or less.  You'll learn the:

  • Health & Wellness Habits They Do Well
  • Lifestyle Choices That Trip Them Up
  • Stressors that Sabotage Good Health Habits
  • Path to a Healthier, Happier Life

30+ Years of Clinical Research
We are pioneers in the field of Attitudinal Psychographics and Behavioral Intelligence. Over the past 30+ years, we've collected survey information on more than 1 million people, uncovering their areas of giftedness, competency, and stress.

We've learned how to read the internal "hardwiring" of the human brain, and how that influences an individual's attitude, beliefs, and choices.

And, we've also learned how we're "wired for life" and how our choices determine the health outcomes we experience in life.  Plus, we learn what we can do to improve our quality of living by making better lifestyle choices.  

Armed with this information, our certified coaches can help their clients get that thinner waistline they've always wanted, and avoid the triggers that sabotage our health.    
How valuable is that for an individual or a family?

Give Your Clients More "Real Life" Success
Become a "Real Life"
Health & Wellness Coach Today
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"Real Life" Health & Wellness Coach Certification
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RLM does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity, religion, creed, or nationality.  
About Real Life Management
Real Lie Management is a human intelligence coaching, training, and consulting firm, with a primary focus on behavioral psychometrics and their impact on how humans think, process, and prioritize information, and how this alters under stress and distress. RLM's secondary focus is on identifying an individual's unique learning and communication style, as well as their propensity to engage in decision-making that doesn't serve them well in stressful or emotionally charged situations. Their tertiary focus is on performance enhancement and stress management.   
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