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Do You Want to a Better Outcome for Your Clients
Creating Lasting Results In Less Time?

If you're a coach, trainer, or consultant you're committed to serving others and helping them solve problems, achieve goals, or reach objectives.  But what if you could do that in such a way that you actually accomplish MORE, in LESS time, creating an EXCEPTIONAL EXPERIENCE that exceeds their expectations?  

What would that be worth?
Coaching is In-Demand
Work Anywhere

Technology makes it possible to coach anyone anywhere in the world, online, telephone, or in-person.  
High Demand

Anxiety, stress, doubt, self-esteem issues, and poor lifestyle choices mean more people are strugging and seeking help.
Rewarding Work

Coaching is "results-oriented" so seeing your clients achieve more success is itself a personally rewarding vocation.

Coaching doesn't require a significant investment in equipment, inventory, or the costs of a brick-and-mortar business.
Why Real Life?
What Makes Real Life Different?
Far too many people go through life by default, unaware of the powerful impact their Attitude and the Beliefs that support itshape their choices. They don't understand why they keep making choices that don't serve them well, turning to budgets, diets, and weekend retreats to get some level of control over their out-of-control lives.

It's a short-term fix to a long-term problem.

Real Life Management helps an individual get to the root of their Attitude the the Beliefs that support it, allowing them to ALTER their choices to bring about a better outcome in life. We go much deeper than a traditional "personality test" that identifies a person on a sufrace level with a high degree of accuracy, based on more than 30 years of research.
Better, Faster Results
Whether your clients want a thinner waistline, a fatter wallet, better relationships, more rewarding careers, more influence as a leader, more confidence, or more success, we empower you to personalize their training to your clients unique learning style, in 3 minutes or less.  

As a coach, trainer, or consultant, who doesn't want that for their clients?
Why Become a Real-Life Coach?
Whatever your area of expertise, you're at best only 40% as effective as you COULD be. Why? Coaches, trainers, and consultants teach from their own life experience.  As a result, you coach, teach, and train others as you would want to receive it if you were the client.  You teach as you would want to learn.

Here's the problem.

Not everyone wants to learn the same way you do. As a result, your style of delivery may not be congruent with how your client prefers to think, learn, communicate, or make decisions. So if you're coaching, teaching, or training in a manner that is inconsistent with helping your clients get the results they want, you're adding to their frustration rather than helping them learn how to live "real life."

We help you get inside your client's head to understand how they think, process & prioritize information, and prefer to learn and be communicated with.  We also help you understand their focus, needs, and stressors, allowing you to personalize your coaching, teaching, or training to get them the results they want to achieve, and do so better, faster, and with longer-lasting results.  

How much more effective could you be if you knew this information in advance?

That's the Real Life Advantage of our unique certification program.
As Easy As A-B-C
How Do I Make Money as a Coach?
Coach Your Own Clients

Get your existing clients better, faster, and longer-lasting results.
Build Your Own Business

Expand your reach and influence by serving more clients and customers.
Expand Your Tools

Add Real Life Coaching programs to your current coaching business.
Join OUR Team

Start a new career as a Real Life Management Certified Coach

Attitudes shape beliefs.
Beliefs influence choices.
Choices determine your destiny.
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